The Weird: An Original TTRPG

Now in paper form!

In addition to being an award-nominated podcast, The Weird is a collaborative Tabletop Role-Playing Game (or TTRPG if you're cool) project based on the "Powered By The Apocalypse" game system. Players roll two six-sided die, and get to push the narrative forward depending on how well they roll.

Struggle with finding a consistent party? Want a game that is accessible to TTRPG newcomers? Want a set of tools that will help you build interesting and engaging mysteries? Tired of games where combat and murder is the main objective? Then The Weird may be for you!

How does The Weird separate itself from other PbtA games?

Low Magic

Enough said. Your job is to use your wits to solve the mystery... Not casting Eldritch Blast until the "mystery" is "solved."

Episodic Format

The Weird gives you the tools to set up individual shorter stories (Episodes) that fit inside a much larger story (Seasons).

Advanced Factions

Corrupt governments. Shadowy Cabals. Ancient Aliens. All of these factions have their own goals moving forward that can affect the game as it moves closer to the end of the season.

Death Matters

In The Weird, murder isn't your main tool to stop supernatural threats... In fact, it may actually impact your character's rolls moving forward…

Group Leveling

Look at The X-Files. By the end of the show, Gillian Anderson isn't shooting lasers out of her skull to defeat aliens from how powerful she has become. The Weird focuses on emotional arcs, as well as leveling that benefits the group as a whole.

And last but not least: You!

The most important part of the game is you. The playbook is play-tested by people like you who support the game and the podcast on Patreon. The more people we have on Patreon, the quicker we can release the final version of the game.

We're creating this game out in the open, and everyone is invited to take part in its development. Check out the game for free at and get involved!